MYP Sports’ Day 2016-2017

 - by Dalila Rodrigues

On the 26th of January, SEK Qatar celebrated the annual MYP Sports’ Day. The students competed in 8 different events, each one challenging the skills they developed in the Athletics unit. The stations included Shot put, Javelin, Vortex Throw, Broad Jump, Long Jump, Vertical Leap, 100m Sprint, and 1Km Run. The students demonstrated enthusiasm for the day, where they cheered for their classmates, and gave everything a go. Thanks to the excellent work of the Radio Stations, the students had music, and house point updates throughout the day. The celebration concluded with a Tug of War challenge, where the victorious Scorpions even managed to overthrow the teachers’ team. However, after calculating all the events’ points, the Oryx team were the overall winners, closely followed by Stingrays. Well done to all of those who participated on the day, and to the teachers’ collaboration, and parents who supported the event.

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