PYP Sports’ Day 2016-2017

 - by Dalila Rodrigues

On Tuesday, 24th of January, the PYP Sports’ Day took place between 8h-12h. At the start of the day, for 1 hour, Pre-school 3 and Pre-school 4 pupils had their Sports’ Day hosted and organised by Grade 5’s pupils. The preparation and running of the event was of the full responsibility of Grade 5 pupils, who have been working on the Unit of Inquiry of Event Organisation. The activities were a combination of obstacle challenges, and throwing stations. Posterior to this event, between 9:50-12h, all 6 classes of Pre-school 5, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, and Grade 5 had their own Sports’ Day. The 8 stations involved javelin throwing, relay races, obstacle course, tug of war, football and basketball challenges. The day was marked with a big presence of parents who attended to support their children, and witness a very friendly, and cheerful atmosphere.

On the Overal Results of P5-G5:

1st Place with 319 points – Stingrays (Blue)

2nd Place with 279 points – Scorpions (Yellow)

3rd Place with 269 points – Falcons (Orange)

4th Place with 268 points – Oryx (Green)

SEK Qatar’s Overall Results of PYP Sports’ Day:

2013-2014 Stingrays

2014-2015 Stingrays

2015-2016 Falcons

2016-2017 Stingrays

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