Volkswagen Junior Masters Middle East Final 2016

 - by Dalila Rodrigues

Last weekend, 18th and 19th of March, SEK International School Qatar Junior Masters Champions of Qatar travelled to the city of Dubai to compete in the Volkswagen Junior Masters Middles East Final. Accompanied by Physical Education Teachers Ms. Paula Rego and Mr. Eduardo Cary, the squad did well winning some matches, losing some other.

Please, visit the following link for the full list of matches’ results:

Squad: Adrián García, Alejandro Tebar, Daniel García, Ignacio Montesinos, Jaime Pombo, John Elsonbaty, Majd Saed, Mario Salvador, Nicolas Montesinos, Oriol Cano, Riordan Jewell-MacGregor.

Well done, team! Great effort, and great achievement!

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