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QUESS U14 Boys’ Football and Girls’ Football

 - by Dalila Rodrigues

On Tuesday, 21st of March, the U14 Boys’ Football team travelled to the International School of London Qatar to compete on a QUESS tournament. SEK-Qatar competed on Group 1 against International School of London Qatar (ISLQ), Doha British School (DBS), Sherborne Qatar (Sher), Park House English School (PHS).

SEK 0 v 2 DBS

SEK 0 v 0 PHS

ISLQ 2 v 2 SEK

SEK 6 v 0 Sher

Squad: Jorge Brito, Riordan MacGregor, Fabián Escobar, Mario Elbechouti, Antranik Ohanian, Malek Ahmed, Khalid Al Zadjali, Alejandro Narro, Mohammad Gharaibeh.

On Wednesday, 22nd of March, it was time for the U14 Girls’ Football team to compete on the QUESS tournament. The event was hosted and organised by ISLQ. On the group stage, SEK played against American School of Doha, Al Jazeera Academy, Qatar Academy Al Khor. SEK played a fourth match against Doha College.

Squad: Zaynab Berriche, Konstantina Filippakopoulous, Sarah Gil, Mahya Bouaoud, Laila Shokair, Tsunami Ceballos, Ayesha Ayesha, Hana Elsokkary, Jana Salameh.

Grade 5 Games – Touch Rugby

 - by Dalila Rodrigues

Grade 5 have been working on the Unit of Inquiry of Games. Pupils learnt and practiced different invasion games: touch rugby, basketball, and football. During theory and inquiry, pupils reflected on the key aspects of concepts such as teamwork, individual roles, and communication. During practice, pupils had a chance to apply new rules, team strategies, and to practice sportsmanship.


SEK Qatar joins QPPSSA 2016-2017

 - by Dalila Rodrigues

On Tuesday, 8th of November, SEK International School Qatar had its first participation on the Qatar Private Primary Schools Sports Association (QPPSSA). This sports league programme is designed to implement, and promote sports events between schools with primary years education. Together with Ms. Dalila Rodrigues and Mr. Diego Encinas, a team of grade 4 and 5’s pupils travelled to the International School of London Qatar (ISLQ) to compete on the QPPSSA Grade 5 Girls’ Football tournament. Despite the lack of experience, and little practice, the team kept a very enthusiastic and cheerful mood throughout the tournament.


QPPSSA G4 & G5 Girls’ Football
Grade 5
Pool A: Doha College West Bay, Dukhan English School, Nord Anglia International School Al Khor
Pool B: Qatar International School (QIS), SEK International School Qatar, International School of London Qatar (ISLQ), Al Khor International School (AKIS).
Grade 4
Doha College West Bay, Nord Anglia International School Al Khor (NAIS AK), International School of London Qatar, Qatar International School.

Each match was played up to 10 minutes. On Game 1, SEK faced QIS, losing 4-1. Marta Abella scored the goal for SEK Qatar. The team then watched Game 2 ISLQ vs AKIS, and Game 3 QIS vs ISLQ. On Game 4, AKIS and SEK opposed each other on a close game which, resulted on a win for AKIS 1-0. Game 5, and last on Pool B saw ISLQ vs SEK. ISLQ played a very good game, and won it with six goals to nil. After conclusion of the Pool B matches, SEK Qatar and NAIS AK played a friendly match before heading back to Al Farouq Street. Well done to all the girls who showed great sportsmanship.

Squad: Al Maha Al Dehaimi (Grade 4B), Essma Nechi (Grade 4B), Julia Ramírez (Grade 4B), Lucia Fernández (Grade 4A, captain), Lujayne Bouaoud (Grade 5A), Mahrya Arif (Grade 4A), Marta Abella (Grade 5A), Naia Manjón (Grade 5B), Paula Manjón (Grade 5A).

A big thank you to ISLQ for organising and hosting the competition.

Playing Statistics so far in the leagues

 - by Dalila Rodrigues

Some information on playing statistics of the various girls and boys leagues that SEK Qatar is currently competing on. Click on the pictures to check current positions on Basketball, Football, and Volleyball.

U10 Football tournament at Aspire Academy

 - by Dalila Rodrigues

On Tuesday, 22nd of March, ten pupils, accompanied by Ms. Paula Rego, participated on a U10 boys’ football tournament organised and hosted by Aspire Academy. This was the second year running that SEK Qatar was invited to participate on this youth tournament. Pupils had lots of fun, and showed great fair-play throughout.


Volkswagen Junior Masters Middle East Final 2016

 - by Dalila Rodrigues

Last weekend, 18th and 19th of March, SEK International School Qatar Junior Masters Champions of Qatar travelled to the city of Dubai to compete in the Volkswagen Junior Masters Middles East Final. Accompanied by Physical Education Teachers Ms. Paula Rego and Mr. Eduardo Cary, the squad did well winning some matches, losing some other.

Please, visit the following link for the full list of matches’ results: http://vwjuniormasters-me-rsportz.com/volkswagen-middle-east-finals-fixtures-and-results/

Squad: Adrián García, Alejandro Tebar, Daniel García, Ignacio Montesinos, Jaime Pombo, John Elsonbaty, Majd Saed, Mario Salvador, Nicolas Montesinos, Oriol Cano, Riordan Jewell-MacGregor.

Well done, team! Great effort, and great achievement!

U13 Girls’ Football vs Al Jazeera Academy

 - by Dalila Rodrigues

On Monday 14th of March the U13 Girls’ Football squad travelled to Al Jazeera Academy (AJA) for another match in the QUESS league. This was an important game for the girls as a win would give SEK Qatar a chance to take the lead on the league table. However, SEK Qatar drew the game against AJA. Good luck on the next fixtures!

Neighbouring Schools Organise Friendly Tournament

 - by Dalila Rodrigues

On Wednesday, 16th of March, S.E.K. Qatar and Doha College West Bay (DCWB), organised their first friendly tournament of football between children attending extra-curricular clubs at both schools. The neighbouring schools in Al Farouq Street, Doha, nearly postponed the tournament due to the rain. However, the weather was favourable in the afternoon, and the fixtures went ahead. A group of 35 children accompanied by Ms. Dalila Rodrigues, Ms. Paula Rego, and Grade 5 pupil Beausoleil Douglas walked to DCWB to meet Mr. John Tapster and his squad. For an hour and twenty minutes, 7-a-side football matches were played, between mixed gender teams.

This was a great collaborative opportunity for both schools which, teach different curriculums. SEK Qatar teaches the International Baccalaureate Curriculum, and DCWB the National Curriculum (England, Wales and Northern Ireland). In collaboration with Mr. Tapster, SEK Qatar’s Physical Education Team will work to organise further friendly events.


QUESS U12 and U13 Boys’ Football

 - by Dalila Rodrigues

On Tuesday, 8th of March, Ms. Paula Rego accompany the U12 boys’ football squad to play two matches against International School of London (ISL) Qatar, and Qatar International School (QIS). The boys did really well, winning both matches. Results: SEK 2-0 ISL; SEK 6-0 QIS.

On the same day, Mr. Eduardo Cary accompany a small reduced squad of U13 boys’ football to play a match against Compass International School Doha to whom they lost 3-0.